" I am thankful to have such a guide in my life." -  Sara

My name is Misha


From a very young age I was intuitive beyond my years, and sought spirituality for answers to these gifts. Still today, I find myself deeply rooted in spirituality, yet now I also have an affinity for science and the art of natural healings. I have been led to many teachers and mentors over the years studying various healing arts, such as: Shamanism, Crystal healing, homeopathy, herbology, essential oils, dream interpretation, animal guides, tarot and soul cards. These studies have become not only a part of my mythic journey, but collectively they became a calling: to be an aid in the journey of the soul. 


With the help of my guides, mentors and divine intervention, you find me here at  ROOTS TO STARS.


Why Roots to Stars?


Roots: The begining of this great journey of the soul. We find ourselves as "spiritual beings on a physical experience" and everything that happens to us becomes apart of our own great mythic story. We are rooted in our experiences, our past, our human existence.


Stars: We have the opportunity to rise above, transform and transcend into our 'higher self,' to connect to the divine and be illuminated into the brilliant luminous light that is our true self.


This is my passion. To bring ALL into LIGHT and to help reveal and heal all that is still in the darkness. To be whole, and our true selves, we must face this darkness, even dis-ease, in order to find our inner 'star' that is on the edge of twilight waiting for us to turn gracefully into it.

"I am so thankful to have such a guide in my life" - Sara


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