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"Misha is an extremely gifted healer and Tarot card reader. She has predicted key events in my life with no warning, and she always offers POSITIVE and LOVING advice. This attitude is different from other Tarot reader who prefer to predict the worst and warn against future actions. I have always felt extremely comforted, confident, and inspired to follow my own life's path after a session with Misha. She has also done crystal healing with me, and acurately prescribed certain stones to help me through small crisis and large. I would recommend her services in this arena to anyone that would listen. If you would like to experience a helping hand in your spiritual, emotional, or physical life... TRUST ME. Roots to Stars, if available to you, is your best bet." - Alaina (Denver)


Misha has given me the courage to follow the paths of the universe and listen to the voice inside my soul. Her specific style of communication with the powers that be, made my belief of the tarot process very strong. She knew how to translate the meaning of each card to my question and my energy perfectly, making the full experience more personal.  Not only am I inspired by Misha in general but sharing even a spot next to her in a room is enough to ensure me that her power is strong and I am thankful to have such a guide in my life." -  Danny (New York)


"Not being a very spiritual person tarot readings make me skeptical. I have had readings before and it was very vague and I didn't believe anything that was being told to me. Against my initial judgment, I decided to have Misha give me a reading due to a lot of sadness in my life and some strange dreams I was having. All of my 3 questions were about love past, present and future...I have to say that I have never been so moved by anything in my entire life. Every card I chose and the way she explained them to me was incredible! That reading has changed my life and my outlook on spirituality. I don't know if I will ever be able to thank Misha enough for bringing a new light and new perspective in my life. Misha is an amazingly talented woman with an amazing gift and anyone's life would be richer with her in it!" - Keith (Colorado)


"Misha gave me a birthday reading and then one year later I was amazed at how much wisdom there was in her interpretations and how her revelations were true for that entire year. She possesses a divine gift." - Sandee (Minnesota)


"The ability to perceive spirit is a genuine gift Misha has! Being guided spiritually and being in touch with the spirit world is a way of life and familiar to natural healers. I have had the blessing of using a dedicated gem necklace with the healing work Misha has been skilled at learning and sharing.It has brought strength and calm to me in a time of healing. Healing is ongoing for most- it's my hope you too- find your spirit calling and use Misha's services as a resource for guidance on your journey"  Darlia (Colorado) 

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